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Who we are

We are the biggest and best tattoo studio in Delhi.
Years of experience and world class equipment at our
studio ensures you to have the best of permanent tattoo.

We offer our clients throughout NCR, experienced and skilled Permanent Tattoo & Body Piercing services. Our services are designed on the basis of idea of health, safety, and unique and inspirational designs. As experienced tattoo artists we believe that tattoos can be used as a representation of who you are. In addition to being an icon of a style a tattoo can be a representation of who you are and how you define yourself. We are the best Permanent Tattoo & Body Piercing Artists in Delhi aspiring to serve tattoo lovers of New Delhi.

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Mission & Vision

As a responsible Tattoo Studio, our first priority is quality. To insure good tattoos and customer health. We use top quality material and tattooing equipment at our studio but we keep on upgrading in every aspect. Be it machines, inks, tattooing techniques and all other connected equipment. Our mission has always been to deliver the best services to the customers. To understand customer need is very important. We work as per customer requirements and do a custom design. Once basic design is approved, we try to do some verity with the design like geomantic, watercolor, dot work and quite a few other things.

Our vision is to be the Best tattoo studio and Artist in India with the most advanced facilities. Never settle spirit is what keeps us upgrading.

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